Brooks' Vermächtnis

Brooks' Vermächtnis is a German Pen-&-Paper podcast with focus on audience interaction. The audience can help shape the story by solving puzzles or voting, for example, on whether a character should engage in a fight or stay back.

This monthly podcast is a joint project together with Lukas Fritsch, Raphael Klaas and many more. I'm responsible for design, coding and all things technical.

Feel free to visit our website or check us out on iTunes or Spotify.


DataTrackr is an iOS app developed by Philipp Nieting and designed by me. DataTrackr keeps track of your mobile data usage and extends into a widget and onto the Apple Watch.

During its debut week, DataTrackr was the most-sold app in Germany. If you're from Germany, you can buy DataTrackr for a price of a very small or bad coffee!

Fish & Ship

In this augmented reality prototype players can build their own levels out of dozens of game design element markers.

To build a level, the markers need to be arranged in the field of view of the camera to allow the game to project the virtual objects on to the markers. Different design elements can also interact with each other. The shark, for example, always swims back and forth between the two nearest rocks.

Fish & Ship was a joint project together with Lukas Fritsch, Raphael Klaas and Janice B. Trantow where I was responsible for augmented reality design and game programming.


Apokalypse is a multiplayer card game with smartphone support. On the one hand, players have to accumulate goods to become rich. On the other hand, they have to appease an evil god by sacrificing some of their goods. Nobody knows who sacrifices how much wealth, one might pretend to sacrifice a chicken while letting go of a rotten fish. But if the god isn't happy with what the entirety of players sacrificed each round he might unleash the apocalypse and the game is over.

I developed the accompanying cross-platform smartphone app with Apache Cordova. The app serves as an interactive guide trough the game but is primarily the embodiment of the evil god. Each playing card has a barcode printed on its back which gets scanned during the sacrifice process. Each sacrifice then goes trough an algorithm which rates the item on several factors and ulitmately affects the mood of the god. The app also keeps track of different player statistics to give out extra rewards at the end of each session.

You can try out the app in your browser here, altough it doesn't make much sense withouth the playing cards ant the sound doesn't work on Alternatively, you can download the Android .apk here and the iOS .ipa here.


I developed this native Android app together with Lukas Fritsch as a playground for working with AWS and Parse Server. Autochrom comes with a full-fledged account system and image processing algorithm.

You can try out a limited demo version of Autochrom in your browser right here.

Quinna VR

Quinna VR is a technical prototype developed with A-Frame for a mobile virtual reality experience based on the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator. In this experience, recipients go boating in a procedurally generated arctic world while answering questions about their lifestile habits. The virtual environment generates the amount of perpetual ice and arctic life based on the recipients answers to visualize the impact of one's carbon footprint on the world.

Grab your smartphone VR headset and check out Quinna!